About us

Panchala is a conceptual brand based out of Los Angeles, California.

How is Panchala different?

Panchala believes in simple and meaningful things. 

Our unique and frank designs reflect the things we believe in and each one of them represents messages we love sharing. Our universe is pure ever-changing energy. Panchala was founded with the mission of feeding and sharing positive energy to the world. 

All products are mindfully designed and printed in the golden state of California: home to one of the world's known sacred chakra – Mt. Shasta (recognized as the Crown Chakra of the earth). The region where Mt. Shasta is sitting is known to be the 8th chakra (the junction of the root and crown chakras), where heaven and earth meet.

We also believe that gratitude is better experienced when shared. Panchala proudly supports charitable organizations by donating 10% of its profits.

Making the world a better place starts with the choices we make every day. It starts with simple and right choices to do the right things: we choose to make our products with local partners right here in the USA*. All our products are individually printed and packed in California.

That's our choice. And our commitment.   




Mount Shasta - California - USA

Mount Shasta - California


*Some products may be built using imported components whenever local products are not available – All our items, however, are individually designed, printed, and packed right here in California and supporting local businesses remains a priority. Read important shipping and inventory information by clicking here.